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Profiles, guides and slide bars

Chain guides, belt guides and slide profiles made from Murtfeldt plastics guarantee smooth motion sequences in plants and machines with the advantages of self-lubrication and low-noise operation.

Where there is friction, there is wear. Regular lubrication is essential wherever chains run on metal guides in order to counteract wear and noise generation. The self-lubricating chain guides, belt guides and slide profiles made from our tried-and-tested Murtfeldt “S”® and “S”1000® plastics are more than just a cost-effective alternative to metal solutions. As slide bars for roller chains, round link chains, and belts, they combine optimal running properties with maximum wear resistance and guarantee low-noise and smooth running operation. This protects chains and belts and helps to minimise the maintenance needed for your plants and machines.

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Key features of our plastic profiles

  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent slide properties
  • Self-lubricating (oil lubrication not needed at all)
  • Extreme impact and break resistance even in very cold temperatures (down to -250°C)
  • High chemical resistance
  • Vibration damping
  • No moisture absorption
  • No corrosion
  • Approved for use in the food industry (EU and FDA)

Stock and custom production

  • Our warehouse offers you an extensive range of guides for roller chains (compliant with DIN 8187) and round link chains (compliant with DIN 766 and DIN 764).
  • We also manufacture cost-effective and reliable custom guides and slide bars according to your specifications – even in very small quantities.

Your advantages at a glance

Low-noise plastic slide bars from Murtfeldt are much lighter than other metal solutions

Low noise generation compared to metal solutions

Slide bars from Murtfeldt are much lighter than other metal solutions

Much lighter than metal guide rails

High mechanical and chemical resistance thanks to wear and abrasion-resistant plastics from Murtfeldt

High mechanical and chemical resistance

Cost-effective semi-finished products made from durable high-performance and engineering plastics from Murtfeldt

due to the durability of our plastics

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