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Lubrication systems and oilers

Murtfeldt lubrication systems guarantee consistent productivity for your machines and plants.

Lubrication systems from Murtfeldt provide you with an economical and effective solution for increasing the service life of your equipment to its maximum potential. You can count on a well-engineered combination of tried and tested solid technology, reliable operation and exceptional cost-efficiency through systems that can be controlled manually or fully automatically via your plant depending on its architecture.


Your advantages at a glance

Murtfeldt lubrication systems offer solid technology for your machines and plants

Solid technology
Consistent productivity through a tried-and-tested system

A long service life for your machines and plants with the help of Murtfeldt lubrication systems

Long service life
for machines and plants

Murtfeldt lubrication systems offer a well-engineered combination of technology and functionality

Well-engineered combination
of technology and functionality

Murtfeldt lubrication systems guarantee optimal cost-efficiency due to the long service life of machines and plants

High degree of cost-efficiency
through optimised durability of machines and plants

Completely tailored to requirements: manual or automatic

The architecture and structure of your plants determines whether manual or automatic lubrication systems are best. While manual units have to be opened or closed by the operator, automatic systems are electronically controlled by the plant itself. Choose from a manual or automatic lubrication system, a central lubrication unit with pump, or an automatic spray system. All of our systems have optimal dosing capability and good visual monitoring of droplet fall via Plexiglas® or natural glass cylinders.


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