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Murtfeldt Group Compliance

Murtfeldt Group Code of Conduct

Basic principles

Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Murtfeldt Group”) are a group of companies geared towards sustainable success. Founded in 1954, the Group is a successful medium-sized company specialising in plastic products in Germany and worldwide. But successful long-term development is dependent on the shareholders, management and employees of the Murtfeldt Group taking active responsibility and acting in the interests of the company.

The company can only achieve long-term success by consistently aligning itself with the requirements of the market and boosting the quality of its processing and results. One of the prerequisites of this is fair conduct internally and in the company’s external dealings. Integrity in interactions with our customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, competitors and society is something we regard as a matter of course and obligatory. Compliance with overall parameters, specifically applicable laws and our own rules, are strict prerequisites for sustainable success. We expect our employees and business partners to conduct themselves accordingly. We are guided by the market and our customers and strive towards long-term cooperation with convincing offers against a backdrop of fair competition. We advocate fairness and integrity within the company, too. We treat our superiors, colleagues and employees with respect. The Murtfeldt Group pays fair wages and ensures a safe and motivational working environment.

Responsibility when handling company property, integrity and the separation of professional and private interests are as much a part of this as respect for society and the environment we live in. We want to achieve our business objectives using only legal means and in consideration of these basic principles. As such, we have set ourselves these conduct guidelines, which outline what these values mean and their binding nature for all employees and management staff. We would like to avoid breaches of these values, but if they should arise, these can and should be reported to the relevant points of contact.

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Murtfeldt Group Code of Conduct

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