Murtfeldt as an employer

More than just a job - your career at Murtfeldt

We spend most of the day at our workplace. And we often hear: "The demands are growing, working life is becoming more stressful, and more and more tasks have to be handled by just a few people".  We are aware of the high demands placed on each and every one of us at Murtfeldt. And we act accordingly, because our people are our most valuable asset. Although we deal with technical issues on a daily basis, human interaction plays just as big a role in the Murtfeldt Group as our innovative strength. "Family business" not only explains Murtfeldt's history, but also the philosophy that every company in the Group lives by today.

Tolerance and trust are the basis for ensuring that employees can - and should - develop according to their abilities and motivation. So come and join us and become a member of one of the Murtfeldt teams!

Jobs with the Murtfeldt Group

Murtfeldt as an employer

As a medium-sized company in its third generation, we build on the strength and commitment of each of our employees. An approach that has proven its value since our founding in 1954.

It's one of the reasons why Murtfeldt has a strong presence far beyond the Ruhr region. We enjoy a worldwide reputation as an established plastics manufacturer and supplier of custom plastic components for mechanical engineering. Our reputation stems from the state-of-the-art machines that we use. But more than that, it's the people who work at Murtfeldt who make it all happen.

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Insights into the working world at Murtfeldt

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Plenty of room for development

Whether in production, administration, development or sales - there are plenty of opportunities open to you so that you can turn talent into a career. You have the opportunity to work wherever you want. Each of our employees can manage their career in such a way that they feel fulfilled, challenged and understood. We actively support this, we challenge and encourage and reward personal commitment with appropriate remuneration and opportunities for further education and training. We are delighted when every colleague seizes this opportunity and expresses their identification with Murtfeldt through ambition and commitment.


The largest department in our administration is Sales. After a short training period, all sales employees independently look after a fixed customer base in one of our teams with the support of an experienced technical consultant in the field. They are responsible for preparing quotations, processing orders, agreeing delivery dates in coordination with production and handling correspondence with the customer. Customer support also includes determining the customer-specific price structure on the basis of our calculation principles. In internal training courses, the sales staff continuously learn about the possible applications of our products.

Technical Service

Our team of application engineers and sales representatives advise customers on the application of a wide range of engineering and high-performance plastics. The Technical Service Department is also responsible for the design of custom components and the generation of CAD data.


In addition to logistics specialists, our production department mainly employs cutting machine operators. These specialists are responsible for programming, setting up, adjusting and machining workpieces according to drawings on our modern machines. They also monitor and control the production process. In our production department we manufacture high quality milled and turned parts in single and series production according to drawings and customer specifications for mechanical engineering.

Your benefits


Wide range of activities

We need your talent. Whether in sales, development, technology or administration - take advantage of an enormous range of development opportunities.


Versatile career opportunities

Your career success is possible with us. Whatever form it takes, we offer many work models to suit your needs and goals.


Teamwork as a corporate culture

Das Miteinander wird bei uns groß geschrieben. Ob bei der täglichen Arbeit oder im sozialen Bereich. Das gemeinsame Erreichen anvisierter Ziele gehört untrennbar zur Unternehmensphilosophie.

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"Many employees have been working at Murtfeldt for a very long time.
That speaks for job security. And that they obviously feel very comfortable here.”

Deniz Sen, Production Manager

Murtfeldt offers a variety of benefits



What matters to us is the result. How you get there is up to you. Whether it's working from home, flexible hours or a variety of part-time models, we're open to discussing it. 



We want you to grow with us and offer a variety of support, further education and training measures. Because your development is important to us. 

Retirement provision

A low fluctuation rate indicates that employees want to grow old with us. However, we are already thinking about the time afterwards and offer an employer-financed pension scheme.


Vacation entitlement

You are entitled to 30 days' annual vacation. Vacation entitlement increases with length of service to give our employees the opportunity to take some well-deserved time off and promote a healthy work-life balance.



Green is our company color and green is also our way of thinking. Of course you will find bicycle parking spaces, charging stations for cars and e-bikes and of course we also offer bike leasing.



Our cafeteria, the “Kauerei”, offers fresh meals every day, including a hearty breakfast and lunch with vegetarian alternatives. A varied salad bar is also available.



We take care of the well-being of all our employees. Regular medical check-ups are made possible, the canteen offers balanced meals and those who want to exercise can use the “Wellpass”.



There is a life outside of work and that is at least as important to us. Murtfeldt offers sports events and internal events where all employees can realize their potential and carry their team spirit into their free time. 




We see our employees as entrepreneurs within the company. We want to create an environment that encourages everyone to play an active role in shaping and developing our company.


Recognition of performance

We encourage and reward your personal performance by also valuing and recognizing individual contributions, ideas and commitment. Your success is not only our shared success, but an important part of the dynamic that drives our team forward.

Murtfeldt’s corporate culture

The foundations for creating something really special.

Pulling together

Manufacturing expertise plays a major role at Murtfeldt. But a healthy corporate culture is just as important. This means that alongside performance-oriented wages and salaries, professional development and training opportunities, Murtfeldt also promotes a sense of togetherness through shared activities. Whether it's through pre-Christmas go-karting, visiting art exhibitions or ballet performances together, participating in the annual company run, or taking part in sailing regattas and cycling trips: team spirit adds that extra something special – and that flows into our day-to-day work, too.

Sitting in the same boat

Murtfeldt Kunststoffe has been supporting the sailing crew of Murtfeldt employees Lars and Jan Teutenberg for almost 15 years now; the two have enjoyed numerous successes with their five-member team over the years. They embody all our colleagues at Murtfeldt, who show in their daily work that success can only be truly achieved by working as a team. And even the children of Murtfeldt’s shore dwellers have had the opportunity to get a taste of “sea air" on Lake Möhne and explore the boat as part of a company event. Our wish for the successful crew of the 25-foot “Murtfeldt” boat: may you always have wind in your sails and enough water under your keel!

Sport connects

Murtfeldt colleagues will gladly tell you that nothing connects more than preparing together for the next triathlon or crossing the finish line shoulder-to-shoulder after running around the Phoenix Lake in the AOK Run. Shared sporting events strengthen that feeling of togetherness and make the odd heated discussion at work fade away. Murtfeldt also offers regular in-house massages by two physiotherapists, a weekly fruit basket for each team and low-cost bike leasing.

Time to celebrate

Whether its the completion of building work, Christmas parties, open days, or our Kids Day, Murtfeldt liked to find a reason to celebrate together. One day it might be about celebrating the completion of new offices together. Another day the opportunity might arise to bring the whole family to Murtfeldt and get to know your fellow colleagues.

Both are examples of great informal opportunities to talk to colleagues who you don’t have a lot to do with in your day-to-day work, and perhaps haven’t even met in the first place.