High-frequency logistics

Optimised transfer lines with our Spann-Boy® TS

Setting new standards in chain life

Reliable transfer lines are essential in the world of logistics. Systems must perform at peak levels under constant load, and it is the chains and belts installed in the machines that ensure overall performance.

For the world's leading online retailer, one of its high-frequency logistics warehouses was experiencing a serious wear problem. The chains had a service life of only four to six weeks, causing significant disruption to operations. With our expertise in high performance engineered materials and holistic solutions, we were able to carry out an on-site assessment, provide advice and implement improvements.


The excessive mechanical wear that eventually caused the chains to break was due to the manual alignment and tensioning of the chains, which most likely contributed to overloading and skewing of the chain over the sprockets.

The Spann-Box® model Spann-Boy® TS with curved profile for 08B-2 (duplex 1⁄2' x 5/16') chains was tested to stop the heavy and rapid wear of the chains. As Murtfeldt ORIGINALS, our tensioning systems with Original Material 'S'® offer an unbeatable combination of sliding properties, wear resistance and durability.

To the Spann-Boy® TS

After a free sample of the Spann-Box® was successfully used, we supplied more and were able to successfully stop the chains wearing out. A clear sign of the effectiveness of our solution was the fact that during the trial period of our Spann-Box® units, the chains had already exceeded their original life expectancy - and they are still running.

Our solution has not only increased productivity, but also reduced costs and optimised operational efficiency, helping our customer to set new standards in transfer line stability.

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