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New dimensions in 3D printing

At our site in Kusterdingen, we used 13 additively manufactured components to build a helicopter for pilot simulation training.

The world of 3D printing at the Murtfeldt Group has reached new dimensions - from precise miniature components with minimal tolerances to life-size performance parts. A perfect example of this is our full-scale helicopter, specially designed and 3D printed for pilot simulator training. This training cockpit combines robustness, stability, design and authenticity in an outstanding overall product.

With impressive customisation options, surprisingly low costs and short production times, this high-end result impressively demonstrates that additive manufacturing is also economically viable for large components. The project was realised in close cooperation between Reiser Simulation und Training GmbH, RS Flight Systems GmbH and our subsidiary Murtfeldt Additive Solutions.

Once the latest electronics have been integrated, the cockpit enables Level D full flight simulation for authentic flight training. Pilots' skills are honed through simulation, which has a direct impact on their real-life operations. We are proud to be part of a project that supports and develops such a demanding profession. ThinkBig. PrintBigger!